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Kalinkovichi Forestry Department

Kalinkovichy forestry organized in 1936 in Kalinkovichi and part of the Mozyr district, which consisted of Golevichskoe, Gorbovichsky, Zelenochskoe, Kalinkovichi, Nahovskoe, Slobodskoe Yurovichskoe and forestry. In 1940 occurred the first reorganization, which resulted in Zelenochskoe Nahovskoe and forestry were transferred Vasilevichi forestry. Began in 1941, World War II brought its own changes. Ceased operations Polesie territorial forest protection and management of forests, forestry activity has also been discontinued. 13-14 January 1944, after bloody fighting, Kalinkovichi land was liberated from Nazi invaders. Together with the restoration of the national economy revived activity forestry. The total area of ​​forestry was at that time 49,669 hectares, including wooded - 36,707 ha. In forestry work 95 people, including a 15 ranger and 56 foresters. On how to get started revival show historical data: in 1945, the forestry disposal of property as follows: collected a trophy car, a typewriter, a cart, plow, harness, benzohranilische, a stall of the working supply base and hay storage. In addition to harvesting and sale of wood involved in the release of by-products. Produced riveting, cooperage, drann roof and plaster, coal, tar, shovels, various slips and pens. In the early postwar years, forestry economically looked very poorly: the office of the two forest areas were located in private homes, others require repair. There was not a fire tower, shikosushilok. Means of communication had two phone belonging to the Ministry of Communications in Yurovichi and Sloboda. Vehicles limited to nine horses, two of which were in forestry, six and three in forest areas owned by the walkers and foresters. Productivity output per one Lutchkoff saw, which was two in the forestry of 5 m3 per day.

But life does not stand still. Already in 1948, held its first Forest management work. 1961 was the year for forestry reform. Due to downsizing Kalinkovichi, Golevichskogo, Yurovichskogo and Sloboda forestry were organized Velikoavtyukovskoe, Uzhinetskoe Moiseevskaya and forestry. In the same year Slobodskaya Moiseevskaya and part Kalinkovichi forestry were transferred to the Mozyr forestry.